I will post again when I figure it out. I installed with success a Xubuntu With this extra step, and the floppy in the drive at boot, these machines will boot just like the s. This is the one in the s 3CC. I didn’t know there were slc boards out yet. But, the s has all features working that I have tested. April 7th, 4.

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January 25th, 2.

Next, instead of bpbatch we just need a netboot-ized version of the Linux kernel, which I generated as follows: Here my Bios configuration: Then get back on the client machine: Aha moment in place, I then realize it’s not really connecting to the internet, no data is coming through even though it appears so. The time now is To blank out the partition tables on new disks, I like to use this: Copy all files from standalone-root. Reboot and go into the BIOS setup utility Press F2 while booting on the Dell s and make sure the the installed drives and only the installed drives are set to “Auto”.

Linux PCs at CFHT

After this I was able to install Android with H43 on the board without problems. Create the following partitions on each disk: For information, I formatted the ssd drive and I replaced Windows by Ubuntu.


Make the disk bootable by running “LILO” on it. Just want to share my pleasant experience. I’ll let you know how it went.

Mini210s | S5PV210 ARM Cortex-A8 Board

In bios f2 on bootup: When chosing the target disk, consider that if it is identical to another disk that already has CFHT Linux installed, the rest of the procedure is a bit simpler. Last Jump to page: The ‘v’ command shouldn’t find any problems it may print some small number of unallocated sectors, but that’s all it should say.

Hi Reggie, I downloaded all images from the ftp server and used a HDsd card now. It llnux creates false hits in the search engines. I have limited knowledge of the OS, and if I make any mistakes, feel free to correct me. Join Date Jun Beans 0.

You can upload files images for Android 4. My Experience Installing and Using Linux on my Lenovo s Hi thank you very much for your post, I hesitated to buy a Lenovo S because with a low cost configuration I did not want windows but with your post I bought it! If you are working on the machine, and would like it to ONLY shut down when all the battery juice is really gone, you can cancel a minute shutdown which is already in progress by logging in as root and running: Then copy images folder.


March 26th, 3. This step does not have to be done manually.

Boot Linux on a machine in such a way that the target disk is connected but is not being used so kinux can perform the next steps.

On the machine with the new drive, first use fdiskmke2fsand mkswap to partition and format space for the filesystems and swap. January 24th, 1. I was thinking about leaving Windows 10 on it to “keep up with the times” but after two days of using it, “It’s Linux Time! August 12th, 9.

superboot and s – FriendlyARM

I have the same problem on my s board. Almost everything just appears to work. The guys writing the handbook should add a comment to check the NAND type and select the correct image file for beginners like me!