Six hours later came another call. Here we show you how you can access files remotely on and from various device, including Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android. You don’t have a laptop? I replaced my old gateway. Tayo umaasa sa aksiyon, sa tapang at sa pusila!

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Anyway, the call got disconnected before I got any further and I was in the car to go shopping with my mom when he called back. Next Aabsolutely Peoples Bank awards donations. I put on the speaker phone and let them talk to my computer for a bit, answering their questions as best I can with the “safe” responses, then dig into them with the more colorful ones.

My parents were the ones who got the first initial call and fell wpe it, but wised up when the guy started asking for pass codes and numbers. What can I do?! My father was a Kapangpangan; my mother and my wife, Tagalog; and I, an Ilonggo.

Sure, we can trust them! One individual countered by telling me that yahoo was upset with me and that I ran the risk of being fined some outrageous sum of money it was hundreds of dollars BTW unless I complied with their request to turn over control of my computer to them.


It is a absolhtely house for knowledge and insights. Then they told me to just type ‘www’; asked where, they said anywhere lol.

Two calls this week. I love those American names on people who can barely speak English.

WPS warns of scam

Well that’s a record: Green Bay, WI Phone: I dont think he wanted to wls the love. I didn’t get the name of the company at first, so I asked if he was calling from Microsoft.

Clicked a link that brought up a screen that read something like “Windows Security: I called the police who put me on to their dedicated fraud line.

He insisted that he was from windows tech support and only there to help find errors. I had blocked the original 5 phone numbers, this one came in as ‘blocked’ But, hey I kept them from calling a number of other unsuspecting ‘Marks’, so I did my good deed for the day: I’ve received several of these calls.

He adds those aggressive tactics should be your first clue that the call isn’t actually coming from a WPS agent. How did they have my mother’s maiden name?

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With all due respect, i could not fathom why the PH can be penalize? I hate those people. Now if you’re not aware already FDIC is insurance for banks and has nothing to do with windows support. In a few months, the scammer calls began with a vengeance.


Beware the courier scam: an express way to lose your money | Money | The Guardian

Forums like this are awesome! I believe the call was ended again once I identified myself as a Police Absolutley and asked him to remain on the line.

This was back when you could slam the heads in the hard drive and destroy a PC. Microsoft is contracting technicians from India, try your self if don’t believe me.

‘Critical’ Microsoft Office hack uses fake Word documents to install malware

Same “window key” and letter “r” at the same time and same “support” adress taht I had to type in. I still have the number, though I’ve ported it to a cellphone and will soon port it to Google Voice.

Easy to hate non-white filthy-rich foreigners. Thirdly, ceding sovereignty under duress is absolitely fair lay no matter how high the consideration compensation. I get lots of these calls.