Anyone know what this PCI problem is, and how I can solve it? If I get any nice DDR1 rams that can run at the top 2. Are these Conroe chips? E with x15 multi is probably better choice, it will reach far higher clocks, hence at least for SuperPi 1M it will be faster. ObscureParadox – The E won’t really have very good overclockability on that board though simply because you will be FSB limited very quickly. I owned the 4-core dual sata 2 , and it was SUCH a hunk of junk. Sorry, I’m late to this thread, but to add to the topic:.

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ASRock 775DUAL-VSTA – motherboard – ATX – LGA775 Socket – PT880 Ultra

All-in-all, it is rather interesting board and we see how well it will overclock. Last but not least, the Dual-VSTA actually packs a decent audio solution in contrast to its other basic features.

But it will be the test results that will either prove or disprove what I claim. New poster here but have been lurking in these forums for awhile. Does it behave correctly when it’s turned off?

Or sign in with one of these services. Are these Conroe chips? Just look what Massman says above: No driver issues certainly.


ASRock > Dual-VSTA

It was a decent PC though. It gave up the ghost eventually, or only randomly started up. I owned the 4-core dual sata 2and it was SUCH a hunk of junk.

Hopefully some more members here can chime in with their experiences. I can’t remember messing 775duual-vsta too much with dividers other than 1: So to get very 775duzl-vsta of the mobo, I need rams that are capable of tight timings when I’m limited by the FSB reachable. I did not have whole bunch of Socket CPU’s, but they are dirt cheap to get some might be even donated for the test and even ATM I got few, that are worth testing: Anyway, thanks for sharing your experiences here.

It officially supports Windows 98, and I had no problem running Windows 10 bit on it! You bet it – memory bandwitch or death!

Installed 98 on Asrock Dual-VSTA (Via-chipset) – Windows 9x/ME – MSFN

One day the board just up and died. Here’s my asrcok 06 result I got with it. Create an account or sign in to comment You need to be a member in order to leave a comment Create an account Sign up for a new account in our community.


The main problem with PCI-Express is that it is limited to 4x generation 1 speed, meaning newer cards do get bottlenecked with a quick CPU. Posted July 6, edited.

That IMHO terribly suxx. Posted April 1, You replaced the caps to quality ones, you mod the board bad completely new Vdimm regulator – you are good! Users browsing this forum: Asrock wasn’t always an ok board maker. By trodasJuly 5, in General hardware discussion.

On a side topic- one of my ‘Scout parents’ is a Web Designer by trade. The one board I’ve been working on so far is with Celeron 3. So I see a big potencial in this mobo.

The Core 2 chip was installed for the additional cooling and the benefit of XP; Win98SE does not utilize the dual-core. This site hosts no abandonware.

This is what device manager is saying about this PCI bus entry:. This allows greater overclocks than 3.