This Online Manual will introduce to the user how this product is installed. Got it, continue to print. There will be no worry of wrong CPU voltage detection. Then connect your monitor and keyboard. Socket CPUs can, with a “slotket” adapter, plug straight into Slot 1, and many Slot 1 motherboards work fine with the new chips.

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Generally speaking, if you are not overclockers, we recommend you to set at the default setting. You Must Notice All of the specifications and information contained in this manual are subject to change without notice.

Flash ROM can be re-programmed by electronic signals. Of four PCI slots Please keep this manual carefully for future upgrades or system configuration changes.

AOpen AXU – motherboard – ATX – Socket – ProT Overview – CNET

AOpen say they’ve paid special attention to the high-speed-operation problem, and the board’s performance bears this out. CPU, memory, HDD, add-on cards installed on this motherboard may be damaged because of component failure, human operating error or unknown nature reason. The AMR slot’s pretty much useless. Thank heaven it’s actually a good motherboard, that’s all I can say. Page 75 Below are the steps for easy flashing procedures: But many of them can get surprisingly close.

Since Internal modem card consumes no power when system power is off, it is recommended to use an internal modem. Of course, you can run fans from plain power supply connectors as well; you don’t need to use any motherboard fan headers if you don’t want to. But after you finish the hardware installation, you have to install your operation system first such as Windows 98 before you can install any drivers or utilities.


Reliability, compatibility, leading technology and friendly features are our basic goals when designing motherboards. Comments to this Manuals Your Name. It’s a motherboard status panel that mounts in the front of a drive bay and has eight lights to show you how the Power On Self Test POST is progressing, and where it’s stopped, if it fails. The idea of where to put these capacitors is another know-how that requires experience and detail calculation.

AOpen AX34-U – motherboard – ATX – Socket 370 – Pro133T

Locate JP14 and short pins for a few seconds. Please do not hesitate contact audjo if you have any problem about our products. SIMM had been phased out on current motherboard design. Please note that AOpen can not guaranty they can be successful overclocked again.

Review: AOpen AX34 Pro II motherboard

Each channel supports two IDE devices that make a total of four devices. By the way, please remove the jumper cap from the Front Audio Connector if you want to connect cable to it.


These fuses are soldered onboard that when it is broken function as protecting the motherboarduser still cannot replace it and the motherboard is still malfunctioning. And many host based modems have compatibility problems with some other modems. There will be no worry of wrong CPU voltage detection. By doing so, you are taking a risk of BIOS flash failure. Further, AOpen will not disclose any of information you submitted under any conditions. Pci peripheral Component Interface Bus Bus for the internal connection of peripheral devices, high-speed data channel between the computer and expansion card.

We sell our products through resellers and integrators. Product Registration Be able to join the discussions of web-based news groups. All of wudio specifications and information contained in this manual are subject to change without notice.

The parity mode uses 1 parity bit for each byte, normally it is even parity mode, that is, each time the memory data is updated, parity bit will be adjusted to have even count “1” for each byte. This jumper is used to specify the aurio of PCI and clock.