The battery is fixed. We expect a two-year warranty. The good result in the PC Mark 8 benchmark attests that the computer has a high system performance. The performance falls slightly from the first to the second run, but remains on this level from then on. It is primarily suitable for use at the desk. The keyboard layout has the cursor up key in the position where the right shift key usually is. An SSD from Samsung is used as the system drive.

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Lenovo VIKB (U, Full-HD) Laptop Review – Reviews

The computer does not get particularly hot. Test model provided by notebooksbilliger. Outdoor use on an overcast day. The keyboard yields slightly when typing on it – more in its right half than its left.

Afterwards, the clock rate is reduced to 1. Overall, Lenovo delivers a very decent keyboard, which is suitable for frequent typing. A compatible port is available. Here are a few examples: For example, the base unit can be twisted on both sides of the keyboard and in front of the touchpad without applying much force. The poor battery life is caused by the low battery capacity of only 32 Wh.


Performance-hungry titles such as 5v10 Effect Andromeda are unplayable. Intel HD GraphicsCore: The transfer rates we have recorded under ideal conditions no other Wi-Fi devices close, low distance between notebook and server PC are good.

Lenovo V510-15IKB (7200U, Full-HD) Laptop Review

They produce a slightly tinny sound, which you will not enjoy listening to for very long. The Turbo is used in mains operation and on battery.

The noise level only reaches It is an M. The port for the second battery is missing and cannot be retrofitted.

Lenovo V510 15 Intel Core i7 8GB RAM 1TB HDD 15.6″ HD 2GB Amd

However, it cannot keep up with those of the ThinkPad series. Hence, the screen can be read from every position.

Cons – poor battery runtimes. It is primarily suitable for use at the desk. Temperature development underside load.

Therewith, the notebook is not suitable for mobile work. The ports are on a level with the wrist rest. Our practical Wi-Fi test simulates the load needed to open websites via a script.


Delo measured a maximum idle power consumption of 9. The manufacturer may use components from different suppliers including display panels, drives or memory sticks with similar specifications.

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Apart from the Wi-Fi standards Other variants are available. Our stress test is an extreme scenario, which does not occur this way in practice. Lenovo equipped the V with an unlit Chiclet-style keyboard.

It is well equipped: Afterwards, the value falls to The connectivity does not bring surprises. This means that the measured response time is similar to the average of all tested devices 41 ms.