To load the print cartridge s Proceed as follows:. Europe, Middle East, Africa. Serial RSC settings Parameter. To make sure that your printer prints exactly what you expect–in terms of size, position, orientation, and quality–use the correct driver for the combination of your application software and printer. Press the up or down arrow until the display shows the type of media you are loading; then press ENTER.

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The settings below are found in the Printer Setup menu. Refer to your Sun documentation for details. Connect the other end of the cable to your computer.

Now when you open ArcMap the new custom size will be available to you. If you have color vision deficiencies, you can identify the colors of the cartridges by the part numbers on the boxes.

The two ends are different: Press Access Cartridge s and wait for the cartridge carriage to come to a complete stop next to the front panel.

Let go of the media when the printer begins to pull it in. Entry for an HP printer on a parallel port djet: Inspect the printer itself and the above accessories.

The instructions that follow explain how to specify and apply Configuration A. A series of dialog boxes usually appear, where you can specify such items as default media type or print quality.


It is important to note that any recommendations dedignjet increase a quality setting will result in a decrease in speed and vice versa. Insert the spindle so that the large media stop is to the right and the small end cap to the left.

HP Designjet 700 and 750C Plus Printers – Setting up the Printer

Press the down arrow until you find Rotate and press Enter. Press the appropriate arrow to get to the various size settings and press Enter.

Printing will be on the underside, so if loading coated paper, load the coated side down. Create a directory for print spooling.

How To: Configure the HP DesignJet c and cm for use with ArcGIS

Is this what I’m needing? The HP Designjet printer is designed to operate only with the HP-approved cartridges supplied with the printer. Is This Content Helpful?

The Receiving light flashes while the plot is being processed; then the printer starts printing. Configuring the SunOS 4. On the front panel desognjet, change the Menu mode from Short to Full. This article assumes that you designuet already configured the HP c and cm to work with your computer either as a local printer or through a network print server, and that all components are functioning properly.


Please rate your online support experience with Esri’s Support website. Install the firmware in your printer.

How To: Configure the HP DesignJet 750c and 755cm for use with ArcGIS

Open the roll cover and remove the empty spindle by pulling firmly on each end. Connect the printer to your computer note: For help choosing the correct port on the computer, refer to your computer documentation. You can throw away the small print produced during the dessignjet alignment procedure. See your browser’s documentation for specific instructions.

Compatablee the media from the sides, align the right edge with the perforated line on the entry platen.

Use slot 3 first, and then slot 4. Get notified about latest updates to this technical dwsignjet They are listed in preferred order:.

Does the image appear in the size, orientation, and position on the sheet that you expected?