Newer Post Older Post Home. Elographics touchscreen is a AccuTouch, connected through a serial link. The X system reports the following on Xorg. This is a tutorial of sorts on how to set up an elographics serial touchscreen. There is no response though..

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Simply search for “Elo” and you should find the info formatted exactly like the one I posted before. The problem is that for some reason the touch screen provides the touch-position from the bottom of the screen while Xorg assumes the value from the top.

I just had the issue, applying the patch and rebuilding the driver solved it. Deepak, can you post the xorg. Thanks for your help! I have tested this only on a POS-touchscreen on a customer’s system. I download I compile the xfinput- elographics- 1.

Xorg evdev

But I could easily be wrong. Comment on this change optional. Other bug subscribers Subscribe someone else.

Org upstream has posted a guide to Elographics touch screen setup on Linux. Otherwise, if you want to use the xorg elographics driver just drop an xorg. It registers touch input and click out of rlographics box with or without the elographics driverbut XY axis are inverted.


elographics(4) – Linux man page

If that works, then it may be a simple matter of cherrypicking the relevant fix to hardy. Could you post the device section of your xorg. Bug describes similar behavior on other models and a workaround, but this particular model is not working following those. I probably should have done more snooping in the code. You need to log in to change this bug’s status.

With this configuration and the default elographics module I had a problem with the direction of the Y coordinate, It was inverted. To post a comment you must log in. I just played with them until it worked. Otherwise run the following command to get information about your touchscreen: SwapX and SwapY options in that driver seem like they would also help if the same issue comes up.

Leaving open for hardy. Presumably the current axis settings in -elographics at least works for some hardware, else why would they have coded it that way?


elographics – Elographics input driver – Linux Man Pages (4)

The patch for 1. Some of these might be settable on the fly, particularly in jaunty.

Elographics TouchScreen — Configured Mouse: In Jaunty, hal detects it but same problem of the XY switch: An alternative is to build and then run touchcal from a non-X terminal to determine minimum and maximum values to use in xorg. I have tried the xorg. These dependencies are required by one of the earlier patches. Bryce – several of us have indicated it worked fine previously, and is reversed in hardy. Page History Login to edit.

You’ll probably have to modify the values for minx, maxx, miny, maxy to adjust calibration. In my case ELO uthe Y coordinates of my clicks were inverted.