Petes OpenGL Driver 1 1. My card is a GTX Ti. Pete s soft driver 1 OpenGL 2. But my video plugins are petes d3d driver 1. I am using ePSXe 1. Pete’s D3D driver 1. PSX Plugins – Get’em here for now.

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These two do run, but have the stutter step visuals and repeating audio: I am using ePSXe 1.

plugin petes d3d driver 1.77

This contains his Epsx GL plugin and the DirectX 6 and 7 plugins, and are so far some of the most compatible plugins out there. This is an enhanced version of the OGL plugin included in the package below.

The next thing we are going to explain you is how to configure the Pete’s hardware video plugins. Both continue to give a black screen. Tengo windows 10, y tarjeta intel HD Graphicshe intentado cambiar lo del fade, he probado cambiando la configuracion con varios plugins de video del epsxe que he estado mirando en google y no hay manera.


Recomendo esse plugin para quem tem placa de pste.

Welcome to the official ePSXe website

I don’t know rather I don’t. Some more minor tweaking and I should be there, but this ought to at least make it playable. The shaders are a bunch of custom shader programs that you can use to enhance the display. This is a software graphics plugin.

PSX Plugins Pete’s Domain

Graphics d3dd Pete’s D3D Driver 1. Eternal SPU Plugin 1. Pete OpenGL – chipset. Recorder Tools This is a set of plugins from Matesic Darko.

This is a software plugin written by Kazzuya. I also tried Pete’s D3D Driver 1. I have been all over pbernert.

Legal Stuff Privacy Policy. Knack’s Soft Driver This is a software graphics plugin. May 24 V 1.

GPU Utilities – Zophar’s Domain

Everything else about FF7 works smoothly. It means if you use the OGL prte which you actually use ,you can disable the video sync. Pete Bernert GFX card: Come potete notare avremo dei consigli dal menu epsxe, sappiate che: This is a software GPU plug-in that appears to have good compatibility.


Here are the news: Mooby2 cd disk image driver 2. I’ve tried these settings with OpenGL 1. Support Zophar’s Domain on Patreon!

It appears to have a lot of features, and even can ’emulate’ the way the video would look on an old TV for those nostalgia fans. Petes OpenGL Driver 1 1.

PSX Plugins – Get’em here for now. I’m using Pete’s OpenGL plug-in 1. Copyright c by ePSXe team.