Org ATI driver to 6. Org ATI drivers issues. It is highly recommended that you use this new version instead. I’ve found that setting my Wii to 60 Hz, not only I see the splash screen during bootup, but the aspect ratio is fine for my GeeXboX can’t find my wiimote whenever i try to connect it. Mouse support is quite new in GeeXboX but its usage is kinda trivial. Preliminary support for Toshiba AC Tegra2-based netbook and Raspberry Pi is already integrated in the development tree.

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The problem is that i dont know how. You can even use it on a diskless computer, the whole system being loaded in RAM. This would allow you to quickly go through pictures, then select the one you want. Is it possible to remove them or do i have to suffer?

GeeXboX Version History – VideoHelp

Two major changes come with geexobx release: Org ATI driver to 6. Yes, mac address is still the same between reboots. Our hosted tools are virus and malware scanned with several antivirus programs using www. HDTV mode only i. We already have made very good progress on this nextgen architecture and the first 2.


I hope that a version that supports SDHC will come out soon: With Enna, GeeXboX now looks promising again, with geexbos new shiny look and feel interface.


I have always wondered why my linux versions could never read my windows drives. With those cards, Enna should also be using its OpenGL rendering engine, providing a smooth rendering.

Leave empty to search for all tools. Thanks to your feedback on forums, we’ve been able to iron out a lot of nasty bugs from beta1. I dont know why, but its true. I have looked all config files and cant get rid off those annoying geexbox tuxes. You don’t even need a Hard Wifo Most of the corrections took place at the driver level, as many people encountered some issues with hardware support. December 28, at The few PowerPC users that still exist will also be pleased to know that we’ve manage to resurrect the port to this architecture latest release was 1.

WiFi connection

Next version however will have a native implementation of ndiswrapper which will help wifi support as given the possibility to use win32 drivers under Linux Next version however will have a native implementation of ndiswrapper which will help wifi support as given the possibility to use win32 drivers under Linux.


I guess that since this is on the wofi kernel that wi-fi is still missing?

Every nVidia GPU should now be supported. It will take what seems at least a couple of minutes to finish and provide the OSD menu. Review by SatStorm on Dec 11, Version: We are now doing much more things than we used to do with 1.

December 21, at Also being much more nicer, Enna allows us to add so many new features that you all were waiting for check out the Enna website for that so future looks bright again. Retrieved from ” https: Well, welcome to the world of GeeXboX.

It is radically different from the 1. Views Read View source View history. Apparently, this is not my Wii. Those black bars are killing me.

In this case, the OS is wofi much media specific, whether that be simply playing DVDs, video and audio files downloaded from the internet, scheduling and watching recordings of live TV and more.