Once we loaded the software and rebooted, the first order of business was to understand how memory hungry the two applications are in Windows Vista 64 Ultimate. Actually, it provides quick adjustments to the dpi settings on an individual basis for the X and Y-axis if required. GM-M helps gamers get rid of repeated practice, reducing burdens, and having more funs. We had a very interesting package show up at the front door a couple of weeks ago. However, this feature did work in the major application packages we tested.

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M | الفأرة – GIGABYTE U.A.E.

The scroll wheel button has bytes m80000 assigned memory that equates to around 96 script commands. We had a very interesting package show up at the front door a couple of weeks ago. Sign up now Username Password Remember Me. A novel DPI selection switch nestles beneath the scroll wheel on this mouse, giving you the option of flicking it up and down to cycle through the DPI settings.

However, you do get used to it over time but we wish that Gigabyte would utilize their corporate blue color scheme in future software releases.

Gigabyte GM-M8000 Gaming Mouse

Each of the left side buttons or the scroll wheel has its own display screen and option choices. Talking specs, this rodent has a resolution of up to DPI with its laser optic sensor to ensure that your tracking is always smooth ym precise. The primary screen allows the user to define the function of the g, and thumb buttons. The first setting I tried the game and the mouse with was DPI this was far too fast for me as I often over shot my target. DPI setting can be change on this next screen.


In fact, Gigabyte offers a total of nine mice ranging from an entry level wireless optical mouse to several gaming mice including our GM-M sample. Find other tech and computer products like this over at Amazon UK’s website. Granted using the mouse on my server, test bench and home theatre really isn’t a real test for mouse usage.

They have dabbled in many different PC components over the years: The Mouse, The Results M800, this feature did work in the major application packages we tested. He we have two options: This squeaker sports tm huge number of features and neat tricks to compete with the top gaming mice on the market. Subscribe to our Newsletter. Alright, a true scripting language is better suited for that purpose but it does show the power of ggm Macro capability on this mouse.

The m88000 worked in Mac OS X and various Linux builds but the software that enables special features and button assignments is not compatible with either operating system, thus negating the major benefits of the GM CPU usage was nominal during all phases of testing. Clicking the buttons and finding the correct placement of my fingers to reach all the buttons, I knew right then that the Ghost has what it takes to have a spot on my desk.


I like the way Gigabyte made the configuration process painless and m88000.

Gigabyte GM-M Mouse – A GHOST Story

The Scrolling section allows for individual settings for both the vertical and horizontal scrolling speeds. It was a mouse designed and built by a motherboard company. If you think Gigabyte only does motherboards, you don’t know Gigabyte.

At DPI, you will see the pointer zoom across the screen at an incredible rate. Multimedia programs like Windows Media Center or iTunes did not work properly with the Macro commands. Log in Don’t have an account? With every new mouse you purchase, there is always a break-in period where you need to adjust yourself to its form and the Gigabyte mouse is no different.

Find other tech m80000 computer products like this over at Amazon Canada’s website. Another powerful feature of this weapon is to its extra gaming buttons which give gamers the best short-cut to upgrade to the highest rank.

They have even made a mouse or two.

At the top of the mouse is the scroll wheel. Large Teflon feet make it easy for this baby to slide around on almost any kind of surface, including the supplied mouse mat more on that later.