Joined Aug 3, Messages Likes 34 Points TTL or digital modulation is on or off, like a power switch. You must log in or register to reply here. They do everything from promoting a better understanding between laser display professionals and regulatory agencies to setting the technical standards for the ILDA connector on the back of your Laser Projector plus much more. Presuming this regulates the amount of output for this color? TTL modulation on an RGB laser projector will only allow for 7 colors to be projected red, yellow, green, cyan, blue, magenta, and white. You have been sufficiently warned.

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But when the interlock is not connected, the laser projector cannot operate — Again, as a safety precaution. I have been lucky enough to be given an early Christmas present from the inlaws of a Kam Laserscan Hyper 3d.

ILDA Laser Software USB Interface ISHOW

If you want best bang for the buck go with Etherdream. Kind of like photoshop for artists. And things it can do that the other software can’t.

Ditto what was said. Joined Aug 3, Messages Likes 34 Points Pangolin QS ilds the quickest way to doing stuff in my opinion.

OPSL stands for Optical Pumped Solid State, and to put it simply, it offers a very low beam divergence meaning the laser beam is tighter, and thus, appears brighter. Most clients working with DMX create their laser show content shows, beam effects, graphics, etc.


Hi folks, This is my first post and what a great forum it is. Each have there benifits, but just doin stuff was quicker for me in QS. You have been sufficiently warned. Members Current visitors New profile posts Search profile posts. Laser Light Show Definitions what industry terms mean. The third and final type of DAC, is an integrated media server built directly jsb of the laser show projector. You won’t find a projector with nm modules for under euros either.

Thread starter mhakali Start date Nov 6, usg Joined Dec 9, Messages 2, Likes Points 0. MIDI is short for Musical Instrument Digital Interface is another Entertainment Industry technical standard, similar to DMX, that describes a protocol, digital interface and connectors and allows a wide variety of electronic musical instruments, computers and other related devices to connect and communicate with one another.

The benefit of this type of DAC, is that it is built directly inside of the laser show projector, and supports all major lighting and laser protocols network, DMX, ArtNet, stand alone operation, real time clock, and ILDA — if needed.

This simplifies the overall control setup, ildaa makes it easier to control multiple laser projectors. All times are GMT This is called divergence and is measured by milliradiant mRad.

Most entertainment laser show projectors have one or more internal laser sources generally a combination of RED, GREEN and BLUEwhich are then combined with an optical scanning system and various drive electronics, to allow for the display of 2D or 3D laser content and objects. Join Date Jul Location My momentum is too precisely determined: That connector can be a small XLR pin, or it can be a full E-stop safety system mushroom switch.


Noob question about ILDA to USB adapters.

And to ikda fair Isb type of laser light source which is common only in very high end laser show projectors, is OPSL technology. The time now is Laser Show Projectors with Integrated Media Servers — Higher end more professional laser show projectors now have the control system entirely built inside the laser, acting as a media server for the laser show.

This technology uses an electrical current applied to a laser diode, which is then passed through a laser crystal, to create laser light.

These motors are driven by a servo amplifier. It’s a hell of a ride! Mask Anything used to physically block the audience from where the laser projector will project images. Media New media New comments Search media.