Convenience function for performing a “drag and drop” manuever. Accounting Business Analyst Cloud Computing. Presses a mouse button. ActionSequence Clicks a mouse button. The following are the most commonly used keyboard and mouse events provided by the Actions class. WebElement The element to drag.

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Where to use mouseDownmouseUp and mouseMove in selenium webdriver? Master Slave 19k 3 38 If you want a more direct approach to an implementation of the interface you can do HasInputDevices driver.

Class ActionSequence

Just remember to close the series with the build method. The key press will be targetted at the currently focused element. Use the perform method when executing the Action object we designed in Step mousefown. Sends a series of keystrokes onto the element.

java – Where to use mouseDown , mouseUp and mouseMove in selenium webdriver? – Stack Overflow

It becomes the same color as the blue background of the whole orange table. Moves the mouse to the middle of the element. Please refer to the below mentioned url for various weberiver and keys event. If not hovered, its color is FFC orange. Convenience function for performing a “drag and drop” manuever.


It contains the Actions and the Action classes that are needed when executing these events. Promise Executes this action sequence.

Method: Selenium::WebDriver::Mouse#down

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Performs a key release. The target element may be moved to the location of another element, or by an offset in pixels. The behavior for out-of-order events e. The build method is always the final method used so that all the listed actions will be compiled into a single step.

Ignored if a button is provided as the first argument. Accounting Business Analyst Cloud Computing.

In certain Selenium Automation Tests, there is a need to control keyboard or Returns ActionSequence A self reference. If an element is provided, the mouse will first be moved to the center of that element. Does not release the modifier key – subsequent interactions may assume it’s kept pressed. A negative value means moving the mouse down. Consider the kn code to hover over the element elem.


If you’re referring to the methods of the Mouse interface, they’re not used directly rather through an Actions class. Returns Promise A promise that will be resolved once this sequence has completed.

WebDriver The driver instance to use. Email Required, but never shown. Method Description clickAndHold Clicks without mouzedown at the current mouse location. ActionSequence Double-clicks a mouse button. The button to use.